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Spec Home on London Ave, Port Royal SC

Knowing how happy I am with my home purchase on London Ave that Ken Davis of Salt Line Construction LLC built, when he asked that I give him a recommendation for their new website, I was only too happy to do so.

Every aspect of the house evokes his and his staff’s excellent craftsmanship. I purchased the home from him already completed, so its levels of finish and care in selection of materials is all the more indicative of his great taste, and the character of his building style.

Everywhere is the evidence of thoughtful and intelligent design. The tile work  in the baths is outstanding, he selects tasteful colors, the granite is beautifully done, the appliances are quality units, and the finish work and painting are excellent. 

An instance or creative thinking is the provision of double doors in the second bathroom allowing it to be accessed from the living area or exclusively by the second bedroom when appropriate.

The volume created by the cathedral ceilings makes the house feel so much larger than it is. 

Kudos to Ken and his staff of craftsmen on a great job.

Pete Shumway 

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